Are Sewing Machines Dual Voltage? Find Out!

sometimes people got confused while buying a sewing machine according to their voltage requirements. It’s important to know about it in detail before purchasing.

So, Are sewing machines dual voltage?

Not all sewing machines are dual voltage. But a sewing machine with dual voltage capability may run on two separate voltages, commonly 110 and 220 volts. As a result, a voltage converter is not required while using the sewing machine in nations with different voltage standards. 

If you are finding details about dual voltage sewing machines then keep reading this article for a better understanding.

Are All Sewing Machines Dual Voltage?

Dual voltage sewing machines are very helpful for persons who travel frequently or move from one country to another. Since they may be used in many locations without the danger of harm from incompatible voltages.

Dual voltage sewing machine
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The parameters should always be checked before buying a sewing machine because not all of them are dual voltage.

However, not all sewing machines are dual voltage. While some sewing machines can run on multiple voltages, some are exclusively intended to run on a single voltage.

Check the sewing machine’s specs to make sure it is compatible with the voltage in the country where you intend to use it. To make sure the equipment runs securely and efficiently if it is incompatible, you might need to utilize a voltage converter or transformer.

How Can You Identify If Your Sewing Machine Is Dual Voltage?

No matter what language label is on the body of your sewing machine, it is quite simple to tell if it is dual voltage or not. You can follow this approach to check the voltage information.

singer sewing machine dual voltage

Suggestion 1:

You may check the voltage information on the machine itself or in the user manual to see if your sewing machine is dual voltage or not. 

If the equipment is built to work on more than one voltage, that information should be included in the voltage information. Simply seek for the digits near 110 or 220 that begin with the word “volts” or a “v.”

Suggestion 2:

If the voltage information on the machine or in the user manual is not clear, you can also look for other indicators for voltage information. For instance, certain devices could have a dial or button that lets you change the voltage.

Some machines may also have a transformer or voltage converter that may be used to change the voltage as necessary.

Suggestion 3:

If you’re still unclear whether your sewing machine is dual voltage, you might want to get some advice from the manufacturer or an experienced sewing machine repairman. 

They can provide you with further details regarding the machine’s voltage capabilities. Also, they’ll make sure that it functions securely and correctly in various nations with various voltage standards.

Can I use my UK sewing machine in the USA?

Yes but it basically depends on the voltage rating of your sewing machine. While the USA utilizes a 110-volt electrical system, sewing machines in the UK normally use a 220-volt electrical system. You need a voltage converter or transformer to use a sewing machine that is only rated for 220 volts in the USA.

However, if your sewing machine is dual voltage with 110 volts and 220 volts then you won’t need a voltage converter or transformer to use it in the USA. In this situation, you might need to use an adaptor plug to make sure that your sewing machine’s plug will fit into an American electrical outlet.

Before attempting to use your sewing machine abroad, it’s essential to verify the machine’s characteristics and voltage rating. Using a machine that is portable gives more advantage. To make sure you can operate the sewing machine safely and efficiently in the USA, it is needed to contact the manufacturer.

Recommended Dual Voltage & Single Voltage Sewing Machines  

There are several top-notch sewing machines on the market, each with distinctive features and specs. The voltage settings of some of the best sewing machines available are listed below:

Singer Quantum Stylist:

It is a multipurpose sewing machine that can work with a variety of materials and tasks. Due to its dual voltage capability, it can run on both 110 and 220 volts.


Beginners and experienced sewers both frequently choose this sewing machine. It is a 110-volt device, which indicates that it is made to function on the USA’s typical electrical system. Brother sewing machines are now used frequently because of their easy functioning.


High-end Janome sewing machines include cutting-edge technology and precise stitching. It is a 110-volt device that is made to work with the American electrical system. You can also fix some common issues with your Janome sewing machine on your own.


The top-of-the-line Bernina sewing machine provides great performance and accuracy. It is a 110-volt device that is made to work with the American electrical grid.


This sewing machine is a powerful one that can handle challenging jobs and thick fabrics. Due to its dual voltage capability, it can run on both 110 and 220 volts.


Pfaff is a well-known brand in the sewing machine sector, recognized for its premium products and cutting-edge features. However, depending on the model and the country it was made for, the machine’s voltage may change.

It’s vital to remember that a sewing machine’s voltage setting might change based on the type and manufacturer. Before purchasing or attempting to use a sewing machine abroad, it is always advisable to check its specs and voltage rating.

Choosing The Appropriate Travel Adapter For Your Sewing Machine

travel adaptor for sewing machine

A travel adapter that can convert voltage is required if you are visiting a location where the voltage is different from your own. For example, your device needs 220-240 volts to operate, but you’re visiting a place with 110-120 volts unfortunately. At that time a step-up converter is required to raise the voltage.

Voltage is merely one component of the equation. You must research the plug type of the country you will use even if your equipment has dual voltage. Such as the US people use  A or B plugs (The two flat prongs or the two flat prongs with a cylinder)

However, most other countries don’t use those kinds of plugs. So, It is always wise to choose a universal travel/plug adapter while traveling in different countries.

Choosing The Appropriate Voltage Converter for Sewing Machine

When moving from a country with a lower voltage to one with a greater voltage, we use converters. Step-up converters and step-down converters are two different types of voltage converters that we frequently use. 

The voltage from the electricity supply is basically increased by a step-up converter to match the voltage needs of your sewing machine. Additionally, a step-down converter lowers the power source’s voltage to match the required voltage.

However, the wattage of your sewing machine should be taken into account when selecting a voltage converter. The wattage shows how much electricity the device needs to run. Selecting a converter that works with the plug type of the nation you’re traveling to is also crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I Use A US Sewing Machine in The Uk?

Yes, you can make a US sewing machine operator in the UK by using a power converter and a plug converter. It is difficult, but not impossible, to get your equipment functioning in the UK since there are different plugs, outlets, and voltages for electronics than in the US.

How Much Power Does an Industrial Sewing Machine Use?

Industrial sewing machines use about 180 watts per hour, which is a far more powerful version. Modern industrial sewing machines may now operate with as low as 130 watts per hour of power due to recent technological developments.

Is A Sewing Machine Motor AC or DC?

These motors operate on alternating current (AC) and may accelerate to 2850 RPM in a matter of seconds. Once they reach maximum speed, they continue running at it regardless of whether the pedal of the machine is pressed or not.


Now you know are sewing machines dual voltage or not. So it’s necessary to buy a proper sewing machine that meets your voltage requirements. If you are a person who has to travel a lot with your sewing machine then it’s better to choose the dual voltage sewing machine while buying.

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