Bernina 325 Review: All That You Need To Know

The Bernina 325 is a great sewing machine for fast stitching jobs but has only 97 built-in stitching patterns. It can stitch at 900 stitches per minute and can wind a bobbin simultaneously. However, the Bernina 325 comes with a semi-automatic threader and manual thread cutters, and only 1 buttonhole stitch pattern.

Do you want a more in-depth Bernina 325 review? Read this article to learn all that you need to know about the Bernina 325. 

Who Should Get The Bernina 325?

People who need to sew a lot of stitches as quickly as possible should get the Bernina 325. The Bernina 325 can stitch up to 900 stitches each minute.  It can stitch and simultaneously let you wind your extra bobbin from an extra spool holder. 

Moreover, the Bernina 325 lets you save your settings for each stitch pattern in its short-term memory. So you do not need to fiddle with the buttons every time you need to change your stitching. 

Additionally, the Bernina 325 lets you store stitch patterns in the memory so you can make your own stitches. So, if you need to stitch fast, the Bernina 325 is the sewing machine that you should get.

Bernina 325

Bernina 325: Key Specs

These are the key specs of the Bernina 325 computerized sewing machine:

  • 900 stitches per minute
  • 6.3” / 160 mm sewing space
  • LED-backlit LCD Screen
  • 8 LED sewing lights
  • Maximum stitch width: 5.5 mm
  • Maximum stitch length: 5 mm
  • 9 Needle positions 
  • Number of spool holders: 2
  • Semi-automatic needle threader
  • 3 Manual thread cutters
  • Short and long-term memory 
  • Start/stop button 
  • Slide speed controller
  • Changing stitch settings while sewing
  • Optional foot control with back-kick function.
  • Needle up/down when in stop
  • Bobbin winding while sewing/embroidering
  • Freearm slide-on table
  • Machine weight: 8 kg
  • Machine size: 370 / 170 / 310 mm
  • Pattern end programmable
  • Number of stitch patterns (incl. alphabet): 97
  • Number of Built-in utility stitches: 15
  • Number of Buttonhole stitches: 1
  • Manual multi-step buttonhole
  • Button sew-on program
  • Darning programs
  • Number of Decorative stitches: 20
  • Number of Quilting stitches: 3
  • Number of practical stitches: 15
  • Reverse/reinforcement sewing


  • Very high stitching speed 
  • Multiple sewing lights
  • Alphanumeric stitches
  • 1-step buttonhole stitching
  • Double spool holders
  • Multiple thread cutters
  • Variable speed stitching
  • Winds bobbin while sewing
  • Very easy needle position adjustment
  • Very easy stitch width and length adjustment
  • Retains your modifications to stitch patterns
  • Can hold 30 stitch patterns in the long-term memory


  • No automatic thread cutting
  • Only 97 built-in stitch patterns
  • Relatively heavy
  • Complex semi-automatic needle threading process
  • Small 6.3 in. sewing space
  • Hidden bobbin case
  • Only 1 buttonhole stitch

Detailed Features of The Bernina 325

The Bernina 325 comes with a unique set of features that distinguish this model from other similarly priced machines: 

Informative LCD Panel

The modern LCD of the Bernina 325 provides you with an overview of all the functions at all times.

LCD Panel

Using the LCD panel you can adjust these 7 different stitching factors. To adjust the stitching factors you can use the buttons around the screen as you conduct your stitch work:

Details displayed by the screenApplication 
The number of the stitch patternUsing the LCD you can input the number of the built-in stitch that you want to apply.
The number of the presser footAfter selecting a built-in stitch the LCD will display the presser foot required. The panel will also show the image of the required presser foot.
Needle position The screen will also show the position of the needle when you stop stitching on a bar. Using the panel you can choose between 9 different needle positions depending on your needs.
Needle stop up/down Moving the needle position up or down will also be indicated on the screen.
Stitch widthThe panel will also show the correct stitching width.
Stitch lengthYou can choose the length of your stitches using the screen as well.
Satin stitchThe satin stitch indicator light will light up on the screen when enabled. Using this feature you can create short and dense zigzag stitches on the fabric.

The detailed LCD screen of the Bernina 325 is a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from its competitors.


The Bernina 325 has two kinds of memory: the short-term memory and the long-term memory.

Short Term Memory:

The short-term memory of the Bernina 325 retains your settings when you select a particular stitch pattern. This memory will hold the stitch length and width and other details that you chose for that particular pattern. So when you return to using that particular stitch pattern, the previous settings will reapply.

But that is not all! When you return to the earlier stitch pattern, the screen will blink. The blink shows you the default settings for that stitch pattern. To go back to the default settings for a stitch pattern, simply press the “CLR” button. 

This will clear all the modifications to the stitch that you had previously applied. Restarting the machine will have the same effect. This makes switching between different stitch patterns while sewing so much easier!

Long Term Memory:

The long-term memory of the Bernina 325, on the other hand, is mainly used for designing your own stitches. You can put different stitches into the memory and then sew all the stitches saved in the memory simultaneously. This lets you combine different stitch patterns seamlessly with the Bernina 325. 

You can also switch through different stitches saved in the memory and replace them individually. The long-term memory, however, can store only 30 stitch patterns.

Decorative and Quilting Stitches

The Bernina 325 has 20 different decorative stitches built into its memory. To use the decorative stitches, all you need to do is press the hash button. Then input the stitch number using the number pad. The machine will automatically change the stitch width and length to the appropriate value for the stitch. You may initially find embroidery stitches coming out. This is easy to fix, however.

In addition to this, the Bernina 325 comes with 3 different built-in stitches for the purpose of quilting. Selecting a quilting stitch is similar to the process of choosing a decorative stitch pattern. Even at 900 stitches per minute, the Bernina 325 can stitch delicate decorative and quilting stitches masterfully every time. 

An Automated Bobbin Winder

With the Bernina 325, you can wind your bobbin as you sew, quickly and easily. To wind the bobbin, simply place a spool of thread on the second spool holder on the side. 

The purpose of the independent bobbin winder is to wind any extra bobbin that you have. This can be done while you complete your sewing task. This lets you save the time that you would have spent otherwise on winding the bobbin. But you need to pick the right bobbin thread size for the best outcome.

Is Bernina 325 Better Than Its Competitors?

This is how the Bernina 325 compares with sewing machines within its price range:

Criteria Bernina 325Brother SE2000Janome Skyline S5Juki HZL-DX7Bernette B77
Number of built-in stitches97241 + 50 downloadable170287500
Number of 1-step buttonhole stitches110101617
Stitching speed900/min650/min, 850/min for sewing1,000/min1,050/min1,000/min
Maximum stitch length 5 mm5 mm5 mm5 mm
Maximum stitch width5.5 mm9 mm7 mm7 mm
Needle threader typeSemi-automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic semi-automatic
Machine dimensions(L x W x H)14.5 in. x 6.5 in. x 12 in.17.56 in. x 9.49 in. x 11.81 in.15 in. x 26 in. x 18 in.8.2 in. x 17.5 in. x 11.5 in.12.5 in. x 19.5 in. x 7.5 in.
Machine weight19.84 lbs20.5 lbs22.5 lbs21.6 lbs22 lbs
ConnectivityN/AWireless LAN and USB connectivityN/AN/AN/A
Special features30 stitch patterns in long term memoryUpload and stitch your own designs 91 needle positions, spacious bedEasy with heavy fabricsProgrammable foot controller
warranty20 years mechanical and 2 years electrical warranty25 years of limited warranty25 years of limited warranty2 to 5 years of limited warranty5 years mechanical and 2 years electrical warranty
Price Check Latest PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

As seen here, the Bernina 325 fares better than its competitors in some of the categories. But it also falls behind in other categories.

Should You Get A Bernina 325?  

You should get the Bernina 325 if you want a compact computerized sewing machine that is full of features. Another reason for getting the Bernina 325 is the relatively high stitch rate of this machine. It does not have the highest speed among its contemporaries but is fast enough for most applications. 

Moreover, the Bernina 325 can retain your modifications for each individual stitch pattern. So if you are in the habit of using many patterns of stitching on your work, get this machine. 

In addition to this, the Bernina 325 lets you store 30 stitch patterns in its memory. So if you like combining different stitches, use alphanumeric fonts often, then get the Bernina 325.

Furthermore, the Bernina 325 has a very good display. So, if you like modifying your stitches as you sew, the Bernina 325 can be very helpful. With the bright modern-looking LCD screen of this machine, you can track all the stitch settings while you sew. 

All in all, whether you should get the Bernina 325 depends on your budget and your requirements. The Bernina 325 is a great machine for sewing jobs. If the features that the Bernina 325 offers are sufficient for you, get the Bernina 325.

Who Should Not Get The Bernina 325?

Sewers who want to choose from different built-in stitches should not get the Bernina 325. The Bernina 325 offers only 97 different stitch patterns to select from. This includes just 20 decorative stitches, 15 utility stitches, 1 buttonhole stitch, and only 3 stitches for quilting. 

Furthermore, the Bernina 325 has a maximum stitch length of 5.5 mm, which is lower than most similarly priced sewing machines. So, if you want a machine with which you can make a wide range of patterns, get something else.

Moreover, the Bernina 325 has a complex semi-automatic needle threader and manual thread cutters. If you want an automatic needle threader with automatic thread cutters, get a different sewing machine. The Singer 6380 and the Singer 4432 are two great options that you may consider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the best Bernina sewing machine ever made? 

The BERNINA 880 is the best sewing machine that has ever been made. BERNINA 880 is the top-of-the-line computerized sewing machine sold by Bernina. It holds a total of 1,764 different stitch patterns in its memory. The patterns are divided into multiple categories for a wide range of applications.

Are Juki and BERNINA the same? 

No, Juki and Bernina are not the same companies. Bernina sewing machines are manufactured by Bernina Thailand and Bernina Switzerland. On the other hand, Juki sewing machines are manufactured by Juki Corporation in Japan, Vietnam, and China. But both companies manufacture some of the best sewing machines in the world and have a global presence.

What are the top five sewing machines?

The top five sewing machines are Singer 4423, Brother XR9550, Singer 3500, John Lewis JL110, and Janome Continental M7. All five of these machines are the best in their categories. However, there are plenty of sewing machines other than these that can fulfill your needs within your budget.


So, now you know all there is to know about the Bernina 325 review. Getting a new sewing machine can be a very big investment for a lot of people. So you should carefully consider your budget and your requirements when purchasing a sewing machine. I hope this article managed to help you decide if the Bernina 325 is the right machine for you.

That is all for today. Thank you for reading this article. Goodbye and Goodluck with your new sewing machine.

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