Brother CS7000x vs CP100x: In-Depth Comparison!

Brother provides some excellent sewing machines to consumers. CS7000x and CP100x are the two common products of the Brother. But, picking only one might be challenging.

So, which one is better, Brother CS7000x vs CP100x?

While looking for the number of built-in-slitch in a sewing machine, CP100x have 100. Also, it has more buttonholes. CP100x has more accessories. On the others hand, the CS7000x sewing machine is less expensive. It is lighter than the CP100x. and also, it has LED light which is an important feature of the sewing machine.

We’ve conducted a very detailed analysis comparing this two, so stick with us!

Brother CS7000x vs CP100x: General comparison!

The Brother CS7000X is a computerized sewing and quilting machine with 70 preprogrammed stitches, an LCD display, and an extra-large work surface.

On the other hand, The Brother CP100X is a quilting and sewing machine with 100 preprogrammed stitches (including practical, decorative, and heirloom stitch options) and 8 auto-size buttonholes.

Nowadays there are many dual-voltage sewing machines available. The table shows the general comparison between Brother CS7000x vs CP100x.

Rating4.6(68 review) according to official websites4.7(22210 review) according to Amazon4.7(64 review) according to official websites4.7(460 review) according to Amazon
PriceCheck Official WebsiteCheck Official Website

Brother CS7000x vs CP100x: Features Comparison!

The table shows the Features comparison between Brother CS7000x vs CP100x.

Machine TypeSewing & Quilting MachineSewing & Quilting Machine
Sewing Speed(Max)750 SPM750 SPM
Built-in Stitches70100
Stitch length5 mm5 mm
Stitch width7 mm7 mm
Pattern selectionLCD Screen & Button SelectionLCD Screen & Button Selection
Reverse Stitch ButtonButton
One-step ButtonholeYesYes
Drop feedAutomaticAutomatic
Presser Foot PressureAdjustableNot-Adjustable
Lighting TypeLEDBulb
Bobbin classSA156 plasticSA156 plastic

Machine Type:

Both Brother CS7000x and CP100x  sewing machines are similar machine types. Both are Sewing & Quilting Machine.

Sewing Speed (Max):

The Sewing Speed is all about how fast the head is rotating with every rotation making a single stitch. The Sewing Speed of CS7000x and CP100x is 750 sewing per minute. That means there is no winner based on sewing speed.

Built-in Stitches:

Built-in Stitch refers to a sewing machine’s predefined sequence of stitches. The needle goes through a certain sequence of motions to create each distinct kind of stitch. A straight stitch requires a distinct set of motions than an overcast stitch.

The Brother CS7000x sewing machine has 70 built-in stitches. The below figure shows that.

Built-in Stitches
Source: Brother

On The other hand, the built-in Stitches in a Brother CP100x sewing machine are 100.

Brother CS7000x sewing machine has 70 built-in stitches
Source: Brother

So,  if you prefer more sewing options, the Brother CP100x will provide you with 100 stitches which is better than the CS7000x sewing Machine.

Stitch Size:

A sewing machine’s stitch length is about how long each stitch takes to sew. Alternatively, the space between seam stitches. The Stitch length of Brother CS7000x and CP100x is similar to 5mm.

Also, The stitch width of brother CS7000x and CP100x is also the same having 7 mm.

Pattern selection:

The Brother sewing machine features a tiny LCD screen in black and white with four buttons on the upper right. These controls allow you to choose a certain stitch count and then modify it in both length and breadth, if present. 

A little letter may also emerge, depending on the stitch you choose. That’s the presser foot model that will work best with your machine.

Pattern selection
Source: Sewing Machine Fun

Both Brother CS7000x and CP100X have the same Pattern selection.

Reverse Stitch:

When stitching is done backwards, it is referred to as “reverse stitches”. By proper use of Reverse Stitch, you can solve sewing machine fabric eating problems.

Reverse Stitch
Source: Brother

Both Brother Cs7000x and CP100x sewing machines have the Reverse Stitch Button.

One-step Buttonhole:

The button’s real size is determined as the buttonhole is being sewn thanks to the one-step buttonhole function. As a consequence, you can count on getting the same high-quality results every time you sew a buttonhole.

Both Brother CS7000x and CP100x have the One-step Buttonhole.


When looking at the total number of buttonholes, the CP100x is slightly better than the CS7000x.

The Brother CS7000x can make 7 types of buttonholes, on the other hand, the Brother CP100x can make 8 types of buttonholes.

Drop Feed:

In the drop feed process, the pressure foot doesn’t move and the cloth is fed under its lower surface. There are both manual and automated options. Both Brother CS7000x and CP100x are automatic drop feeds.

Presser Foot Pressure:

The Brother CS700x sewing machine provides adjustable Presser foot pressure.On the other hand, CP100x provides No-adjustable presser foot pressure.

Presser foot pressure is all about the amount of pressure the lowered foot puts on the fabric. This may be adjustable or non-adjustable. Adjustable presser foot pressure allows you to tailor the amount of force applied to the cloth by the presser foot. So in this factor, The brother CS7000x is the better option.

Lighting Type:

CS7000x use LED light for lighting, on the other hand, CP100x uses bulb for lighting.

While using the sewing machine you need proper lighting. A blub cant provide the actual lighting for your sewing machine. It can damage your sewing machine also.

LED lights can improve the user experience while using the sewing machine.

LED light for lighting
Source: Sewing Machine Fun

So the Brother CP100x sewing machine is the better option for this factor.

Bobbin class:

Both CS7000x and CP100x sewing machines have similar bobbin classes. They have SA156 plastic bobbins.

Bobbin class
Source: Amazon

There are so many bobbins available in the markets also. Choosing class 15 vs class 15j vs class 66 is also a difficult task.

Brother CS7000x vs CP100x: Presser Feet and Accessories Comparison!

The table shows the Presser feet and Accessories comparison between Brother CS7000x vs CP100x sewing Machine.

Snap-on Presser FeetYesYes
Included Presser Feet1010
PackagingHard CoverHard Cover

Snap-on Presser Feet:

To begin sewing, simply detach the foot from the shank using the release mechanism on the rear of a snap-on presser foot. This is an important feature of modern sewing machines. Both Brother CS7000x and CP100x have snap-on presser feet.


Brother CS7000x have 5 accessories default. these are

  1. Brother 5300A Sewing Machine Hardcase
  2. Plastic Bobbins for Sewing & Embroidery
  3. Walking Foot, 5mm
  4. Bobbins, clear plastic, 8-pack, 11.5 size
  5. 1/4inches Piecing Foot

Brother CP100x have 9 accessories default, these are,

  1. Brother 5300A Sewing Machine Hardcase
  2. 8 Piece Prewound White Sewing Bobbins
  3. Plastic Bobbins for Sewing & Embroidery
  4. Brother Universal Sewing Machine Needles
  5. Walking Foot, 5mm
  6. Bobbins, clear plastic, 8-pack
  7. 6 Piece Brother Genuine Sewing Thread Pack
  8. Wide Table Accessory
  9. 1/4inches Piecing Foot

So according to the number of accessories, the Brother CP100x is the clear winner for the factor.

Brother CS7000x vs CP100x: Physical Looks Comparison!

The table compares the Physical look of Brother CS7000x vs CP100x sewing Machine.

Carton Dimensions(WxHxD)11.811inch x 19.882inch x 17.205inch11.811inch x 19.882inch x 17.205inch
Carton Weight19.842 lbs20.062 lbs
Unit Dimensions(WxHxD)12.2inchx 6.65inch x 16.26inch12.2inchx 6.65inch x 16.26inch
Unit Weight10.5 Ibs10.5 Ibs
Colour AvailabilityWhiteWhite
Throat classSmallSmall
Throat size3.9 inches height by 5.75 inches widthNot specific
BedplateStainless SteelStainless Steel


The dimensions of Brother CS7000x and CP100x sewing machines are the same. Carton Dimensions are 11.811 inches x 19.882 inches x 17.205inch and the unit dimensions are 12.2 inches x 6.65 inches x 16.26 inches. 


The weight of Brother CS7000x and CP100x is almost the same. The carton weight of CS7000x is slightly lighter than the CP100x. But the unit weight of both sewing machines is the same. Hence, the Brother CS7000x is lighter than the CP100x.

Throat size:

In a sewing machine, the throat is the space between the needle and the machine’s arm. If you’re working on a quilting project without a frame, you’ll likely need to fold or roll the fabric before you get started.

Thorat size of Brother CS7000x is 3.9 inches in height by 5.75 inches in width. On the other hand, Brother CP100x haven’t any specific throat size.

So the winner is Brother CS7000x here.

Brother CS7000x vs CP100x: Warranty Comparison!

The table shows the Warranty comparison between Brother CS7000x vs CP100x sewing Machine.

Warranty25-year limited25-year limited
Warranty of Electrical components2-year2-year
Parts and labour warranty1-year1-year


Both sewing machines have 25 years defective and workmanship warranty. Also 2-year warranty on the electrical components. So there is no clear winner.

Brother CS7000x vs CP100x: Who is the Winner?

Both sewing machines have up-to-date features, which can easily grapes user attraction but it is tough to choose one product between CS7000x and CP100x.

As the CP100x sewing machine is newer in the market than the CS7000x, CP100x slightly gives better performance than the CP100x.

CP100x have 100 built-in-slitch, which is better than the CS700x. It have also more buttonholes than CS7000x. And CP100x have more accessories than the CS7000x.

On the others hand, the CS7000x sewing machine is less expensive than the CP100x. It is lighter than the CP100x. Also, it has LED light which is an important part of a sewing machine. Also, its have a specific Throat size.

It is also tough to choose one between Brother CS7000x and CS7000i.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Brother Sewing Machines Worth It?

Yes, Brother Sewing machines are worth it. They are dependable and long-lasting, with essential functions for beginner and amateur sewers. Plus, many mechanical versions include automated features for the comfortable use of the machine. 

Will Any Walking Footwork On A Brother?

Yes, Brother provides a selection of walking feet that vary in key ways including feed dog width, shank height, etc. The right walking foot for your machine may be found in the user guidebook.

Are Computerised Sewing Machines Any Good?

Yes, it is good. If you are looking for a sewing machine that is not only high-quality but also adaptable and will make your work simpler, then you should undoubtedly take into consideration purchasing a computerized model.


In the conclusion of our above discussion about Brother CS7000x vs CP100x, The Brother CS7000x and the CP100x are almost similar types of sewing machines. But the CP100x is newer in the market with some advanced features.

Now, it’s up to you which one you choose. Goodbye!

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