Singer 6380 vs 4432: An In-Depth Comparison

Singer 6380 and 4432 both are excellent heavy-duty sewing machines with considerable competitiveness. Both are made for your denim and canvas sewing functions. 

So, in a comparison of Singer 6380 vs 4432, which would you choose?

Singer 6380 and 4432 both are made for heavy-duty sewing applications. While the HD6380 has 110 various built-in stitch applications, the 4432 has only 32 built-in stitch applications. Both are suitable for industrial applications with a speed of 110 stitches per minute. While the 6380 is a bit pricey, the 4432 is very much affordable at a lower price. 

So, want a heavy-duty and the perfect sewing machine? Read on to know more about these two machines and choose which one suits you better. 

Singer 6380 vs 4432: A Quick Comparison

Singer 6380 and 4432 both are pretty much competitive in their own features. Both can provide you with enough motor power to perform heavy sewing applications. Well, let’s have a quick look at their competitiveness now.  

SpecificationsSinger 6380Singer 4432
Built-In Stitches11032
Speed (stitches/minute) 1100 spm1100 spm
Motor powerStandard60% more powerful
Power Requirement84 watts with 120 volts110 volts
Max. Stitch LengthAdjustable (6mm)Standard (6mm)
Included Feet94
Dimension15.5”W x 12”H x 6.25”D 15.2″W x 12″H x 6.2″D
Weight14.6 lbs14.1 lbs
Perfect ForLightweight – Medium Weight fabricsCan handle heavier fabrics than 6380
Automatic Reverse
Adjustable Stitch Length
Automatic Needle Threader
Full Metal Frame
Extension Cord
Free Arm Sewing 
One-Step Buttonhole
Top Drop-In Bobin 
Needle Position3 Needle Settings with edge stitching, topstitching, piping, zipper application, and many more. 3 Needle Settings with edge stitching, topstitching, and zipper application. 
Embroidery Foot
Speed Control Slider
LCD Screen
Adjustable presser foot pressure
Clearance Plate
Price$249 – $299$160 – $270
WarrantyLabor: 1 YearElectrical Parts: 5 YearMechanical Parts: 25 YearsLabor: 90 DayElectrical Parts: 2 YearMechanical Parts: 25 Years

The table above lists all the quick details you need to make up your mind about purchasing one. If you want a detailed comparison, keep reading as we’ll guide you with an in-depth comparison of Singer 6380 and 4432.   

The In-Depth Comparison Between Singer 6380 & 4432 

difference between singer 6380 vs 4432

01. Built-In Stitches & Speed:


In terms of stitch variation, Singer 6380 offers more built-in stitch variations than Singer 4432. The 6380 offers 110 stitches while the 4432 offers only 32 built-in stitches. 

Within the 110 stitches, Singer 6380 offers

  • Straight stitches – 24 
  • Zigzag stitches – 16 
  • Multi-step zigzag stitches – 9
  • Blind hem stitches – 4
  • Stretch blind hem stitches – 2
  • Picot hemstitch – 2  
  • Decorative stitch – 31
  • Straight stretch stitch – 4
  • Reinforced zigzag stitch – 2
  • Honeycomb stitch – 5
  • Double overlock stitch – 4
  • Overlock stitch – 2
  • Slant overedge – 2
  • Bartack buttonhole – 3

And within 32 stitches, Singer 4432 offers

  • Basic stitches – 6
  • Stretch stitches – 4
  • Decorative stitch – 22

While Singer 6380 offers more stitch variation than 4432, both have 110 stitches per minute speed that is efficient for industrial-grade sewing applications as well as home. Also, both have a foot speed controller. 


Although both Singer 6380 and 4432 offer the same stitching speed, Singer 6380 offers more stitch variation compared to 4432.

02. Motor Power:


In terms of motor power, Singer 6380 requires a power specification of 84 watts with 120 volts. On the other hand, Singer 4432 also has a similar 110-volt power requirement. So, both sewing machines can be used in both residential and industrial spaces. 

Now, although both sewing machines offer greater motor power, Singer 4432 is a bit superior. Its motor is 60% more powerful than other Singer sewing machines and can be very efficient. 


So, based on motor power, the Singer 4432 is your clear winner. 

03. Max Stitch Length & Foots:


Both the Singer 6380 and 4432 offers a max stitch length of 6mm. But, on 4432 the 6mm stitch length is standard and on 6380, it is adjustable. That means you can adjust it to stitch on around 6mm. So, this is an advantage. 

On the other hand, the Singer 6380 offers 9 foots while the 4432 offers only 4 foots. The Singer 6380 offers foots such as

  • All-purpose foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Button sewing foot
  • Sew easy foot
  • Overcasting foot
  • Blind hem foot
  • Straight stretch foot
  • Non-stick foot

 The singer 4432 offers foots such as 

  • All-purpose foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Button sewing foot


So, the Singer 6380 is your winner of the race with its versatile foot application and adjustable stitch length feature. 

04. Weight, Dimension & Fabric Application:


Both the Singer 6380 and 4432 holds almost similar dimension and weight. Both are portable in weight as you can carry them from one place to one place easily. But, for heavier sewing applications, Singer 4432 tends to move around the table for its lesser weight. 

While the Singer 6380 has a completely stainless steel body, the 4432 holds a metal interior but a plastic exterior cover making it less heavy. 

Both the Singer 63800 & 4432 can sew fabrics from denim, suede, and canvas to cotton, velvet, oxford, poplin, brocade, satin, etc. Both are capable of sewing light-weight to medium-weight sewing applications. But, 4432 can sew anything due to its 60% stronger motor power. 

Now if you ask can I use flannel instead of batting on either of them, the answer is yes you can. But, the Singer 6380 offers more stitching options for sewing any fabric.  


So, for constant industrial and heavy sewing applications, we’ll recommend Singer 6380 for its metal body and strong sewing capability. But for beginners and homemakers, Singer 4432 is a perfect choice. 

05. Feature Accessories:


While both the Singer 6380 and 4432 have excellent features and accessories available, they are as efficient as they come. Both mechanical sewing machines have automatic needle threaders and reverse options for your sewing efficiency. 

But the Singer 6380 has an additional LCD screen and embroidery foot which are missing in the 4432 product. Also, the Singer 4432 is missing a speed control slider which makes it problematic although it is fast. That is why it is inefficient for delicate sewing tasks such as embroidery. 

Now, if you want to learn how to fix embroidery coming loose, you can practice it efficiently on the Singer 6380.  

On the other hand, the Singer 6380 has a clearance plate that is missing from the 4432 product. A clearance plate is efficient when sewing heavier applications. 

Apart from that, both products have a free arm sewing option and an extension cord. Also, both have top drop-in bobbins and a one-step buttonhole with adjustable presser foot pressure. 

But on the account of body and frame, the Singer 6380 offers a full metal body and frame while the 4432 has a metal interior but a plastic frame. This might be a little bit problematic for professional and constant heavy-duty sewing applications.  


So, from its metal body and frame to its speed controller and clearance plate, the Singer 6380 is your winner. 

06. Price Range:


The price range of a sewing machine depends on many things such as included feet, stitch application, speed, body finishing, features, and accessories. So, Singer 4432 is a bit less pricey than Singer 6380. The price range of Singer 6380 is $249 – $299 while the price range of 4432 is $160 – $270.


So, if you looking for less price and more efficiency, then the Singer 4432 is your safe bet. 

07. Warranty Features:


The warranty feature of Singer 6380 includes

  • Labor warranty: 1 Year
  • Electrical Parts: 5 Year
  • Mechanical Parts: 25 Years

While on the other hand, the warranty feature of Singer 4432 includes

  • Labor warranty: 90 Days
  • Electrical Parts: 2 Year
  • Mechanical Parts: 25 Years


So, based on warranty features, Singer 6380 offers lengthy labor and electrical parts warranty than Singer 4432. So, Singer 6380 is the winner for warranty features. 

Singer 6380 vs 4432: Final Verdict

Now, after much discussion across various features of Singer 6380 and 4432, which product should you choose? 

Well, it’s a tough bet to choose the right one. Singer 6380 offers more dynamic stitch application and foots than 4432. And it’s heavier than 4432. So, if you want a sewing machine for heavier sewing applications and industrial-level efficiency, the Singer 6380 is your final winner. It is good for residential sewing applications too. 

On the other hand, if you’re a beginner and looking for a more portable and powerful sewing machine, then the Singer 4432 is your final winner. So, choose wisely after knowing all the features and applications. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does A Singer 4432 Do Overlocking?

Yes, a singer 4432 does overlocking. It actually does more than overlocking as it is perfect for sewing thick materials such as denim, canvas, blind hem, and many more. It also offers 4 overlock stitch threads for your convenience.  

Is Singer 4423 Loud?

No, Singer 4423 is not loud and you can work with it for long hours with much less noise than any sewing machine. Although the noise level is fairly low, its mechanical application sometimes takes a bit of effort in sewing, like a buttonhole. 

How Long Does Sewing Machine Oil Last?

The sewing machine oil lasts up to 5 years. However, if you do not store the oil properly, the lifespan of the oil will gradually drop. Store the sewing machine oil out of extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for optimum lifespan. 


So, in a comparison of Singer 6380 vs 4432, choose the one that suits your function and use intention. But before purchasing, test both of the machines. And don’t forget to follow the instruction manual after the purchase.

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