How to Become an Advanced Sewer in 2023? (7 easy steps)

Are you looking to become an advanced sewer by 2023? Whether an experienced seamstress or a beginner, you can take a few simple steps to make your sewing skills even more impressive!

How to Become an Advanced Sewer

This blog post will look at 7 easy steps to becoming an advanced sewer in just a few years. We’ll cover everything from mastering the basics of sewing to learning more advanced techniques! So let’s get started and jump into the 7 simple steps you can take to become an advanced sewer by 2023! 

How to Become an Advanced Sewer in 7 easy steps

Currently, there is only 5% of youth between 20 to 30 age are in sewing, and 82% are aged above 40 years; that means many people are not interested because of the difficulty in learning to sew, but it’s not as difficult as people see it, everyone can master this skill. They need some guidance and practice, so let’s dive into it and see how you can become an advanced sewer.

Learn the basics of sewing

The first step in this process is to learn the basics of sewing. It is essential to have this foundation before moving on to more advanced techniques and projects. Learn the basics of hand stitching, machine stitching, and various fabrics and sewing tools available.

Get to grips with the fundamentals of pattern cutting, seam allowance, and the techniques used in garment construction. If you’re new to sewing, finding a beginner’s sewing course is highly recommended, so you get guidance and advice from an experienced sewing teacher.

Once you have the basics down, you can broaden your horizons and explore the world of advanced sewing. Make sure you read plenty of sewing books and browse through lots of sewing magazines to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and techniques.

Follow sewing bloggers, and watch lots of sewing tutorials online. The more you expose yourself to the sewing world, the more you’ll learn and apply it to your projects. 

Invest in the Necessary Equipment

To become an advanced sewer, you must invest in the necessary equipment. It includes a sewing machine, thread, scissors, fabric, and a pattern.

 A sewing machine is the most important piece of equipment you will need. It allows you to sew straight seams and create different types of stitches. Look for a machine that is durable and has various stitch options.

 A thread is another important item you will need. Make sure to purchase thread that matches the color of your fabric. Scissors are also essential for cutting fabric and threads.

 Fabric is the next item on the list. Choose a fabric that is sturdy and easy to work with. Patterned fabrics can be tricky to sew, so if you are a beginner, stick with solid colors.

sewing material on table

 Lastly, you will need a pattern—patterns guide on how to cut and sew your fabric into a garment or other item. You can find patterns at most craft stores or online.

Find a sewing mentor.

If you’re serious about becoming an advanced sewer, one of the best things you can do is to find a sewing mentor. A sewing mentor can teach you the ropes, answer your questions, and give you feedback on your work.

 There are a few ways to find a sewing mentor. You can ask at your local fabric store or sewing group or search online for forums and groups dedicated to sewing. Once you’ve found a few potential mentors, introduce yourself. Explain why you’re interested in learning more about sewing, and ask if they’d be willing to help you out.

 Remember that a good mentor is patient, knowledgeable, and supportive – so don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Practice What You Learn

As you become more comfortable with your sewing machine and the basics of sewing, you can start to practice more advanced techniques. Try out new stitches, work with different fabrics, or even sew a garment.

 The best way to become an advanced sewer is to keep practicing. The more you sew, the better you’ll become at it. And as you get better, you can tackle more challenging projects.

 So feel free to experiment and try new things. The only way to become an advanced sewer is to keep sewing!

Join a sewing group or club

The fifth step to becoming an advanced sewer in 2023 is to join a sewing group or club. This step is important for socializing and networking with other sewers, as well as for learning new techniques and developing skills.

Sewing groups or clubs allow you to connect with experienced sewers and those just starting. Joining a group provides access to the latest sewing patterns, fabrics, and accessories. It is a great way to create a support system and get advice from experienced sewers.

Attending a sewing group or club can also help expand your skills. You might learn how to use a new machine, make a buttonhole, or try a new technique. It’s also a great way to learn new tips, tricks, and techniques from experienced sewers.

sewing machine

You can check your local fabric shop, library, or community center to join a sewing group or club. You can also search for sewing clubs online. Some clubs are open to everyone, while others might have a membership fee.

When looking for a club, find one that is welcoming and supportive. Joining a sewing group or club is a great way to become an advanced sewer in 2023. It gives you access to experienced sewers, new techniques, fabrics, and accessories.

It is also a great way to network and create a support system for yourself. So if you want to become an advanced sewer, join a sewing group or club today. 

Attend Sewing Conventions

If you want to become an advanced sewer, one of the best things you can do is attend sewing conventions. Sewing conventions are a great way to meet other sewers, learn new techniques, and see the latest sewing machines and products.

 Some popular sewing conventions include the International Quilt Festival, the American Sewing Guild Convention, and the Fashion Institute of Technology Conference. Attend as many sewing conventions as possible to get the most out of your experience.

Start your own business.

Starting your own sewing business can be one of the most exciting and rewarding steps to becoming an advanced sewer. Before you jump in headfirst, you must ensure you have a solid business plan.

First, you must determine the business type you will be starting. Will you make and sell custom garments, offer alteration services, or create unique upholstery pieces?

Once you’ve determined your focus, you must create a business plan. When creating a business plan, you should consider various factors, including your target market, pricing strategy, and advertising plan. You should also consider the resources needed to start and sustain your business.

Will you need to purchase fabric, thread, and other supplies, or do you have access to these items? It would help if you also considered whether you need to upgrade your sewing machine or purchase additional equipment.

sewing material cotton thread

Once you have a business plan, you can focus on marketing and advertising your business. You should create a website, a blog, and social media profiles to promote your services.

Additionally, it would be best if you considered creating a portfolio of your work to share with potential customers. Finally, you must decide how to price your products and services. It would be best to consider whether you will accept payment in cash, check, or through online payment methods.


following these seven easy steps will help you become an advanced sewer by 2023. With a little practice and perseverance, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll improve your sewing skills. So get started today, and maybe one day, you’ll even be able to teach others how to sew!